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Issue 15 | 6/17/11

Planning Pet-Friendly Trips

Are you and your family planning to travel on vacation this summer? Are you sneaking a guilty glance at your family pet as you’re reading this, thinking, "Time to make boarding arrangements for Fluffy (or Kitty). I sure wish I could take them along. If only I had more options." Well, you can take your pet with you when you travel. Whether you’re driving long distance to a camping spot, or flying to an international destination and resting in luxurious lodgings, petMD can help you prepare every step of the way. We’ve provided information from pet concierge services to government guidelines on traveling abroad, and where to go if your pet gets sick far from home. Happy tails – erm, trails!


Flea Allergies

Most of us know they are capable of transmitting all sorts of diseases to our pets. But did you know some cats are also allergic to fleas?

Gone Fishin'

There's nothing quite like fishing with your dog. However, there are also many hazards involved, including fishhooks.

New American Family

According to the first annual petMD Pet Owners Survey, the bond U.S. pet owners share with their pets is impactful.


Cocker Spaniel

This small canine breed is easily trained to behave, even during long road trips. Their stature makes them easy to transport, too!

Travel Checklist

Because every good trip should begin with a checklist -- especially if you're traveling with a pet.


This "gentle giant" feline is known for it’s docile disposition and calm demeanor, making it an excellent travel companion.


Tax Relief

How a recent U.S. Tax Court decision has set a precedent for animal charity volunteers looking to deduct expenses.

Living Wills for Pets

You're on vacation thousands of miles away when your pet suddenly develops a severe health condition. Now what?

Doggie Day Care

Thirteen questions every dog owner should ask their day care facility to make sure it’s a safe, reputable spot.

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