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Issue 18 | 7/22/11

Four-Legged Fitness Fun!

You and your pets may reside in a rural area or a sprawling metropolis. Wherever you live, an actively fit lifestyle is so important for overall good health and well-being that a busy person might even consider enrolling their pet in a gym.

This issue covers health and exercise for both you and your pets. Our feature story highlights one of the most common forms of fit play for your canine, while our top ten list features breeds best suited for enjoying on-the-go lifestyles by matching speed, endurance, or just plain obedience. Read on to find out what health problems to watch out for while working out, or which playful breeds love to display acrobatics. Keep those tails wagging and that body in shape - yours and your pet's!


Hip Dysplasia

This deteriorating bone ailment mainly affects larger canine breeds. Learn what symptoms to watch for and what treatment options are available.

Feline Dehydration

An overheated cat may be suffering from inadequate fluid intake. Learn how to recognize and prevent your cat from becoming parched.

Dog Attacks Shark

Two dogs taking a routine swim off the coast of Australia with a pack of finned foes have become the newest YouTube sensation.


Australian Shepherd

This action-packed bobtailed canine wows owners and crowds alike with its acrobatic antics.

Canine Jocks

Find out which canines are the best workout buddies; whether they have a need for speed or can go the distance.

American Curl

Playful, affectionate and unique looking. What more could you want in an agile, family-friendly feline?


Off the Track?

Racehorse welfare and equine veterinary medicine organizations; who finishes last?

Managed Care

Managed care pet insurance coverage poses many pitfalls - for veterinarians and pet owners alike.

Sour Stomach

Your puppy is sick to his stomach and throwing up. Why is it happening, and what can you do?

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