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Issue 19 | 8/05/11

Help Your Pet Beat the Heat

With temperatures rising around the country, it's important for you and your pet to stay cool - especially after a workout. Luckily, there are fun and exciting ways to beat the heat. Some pets, for example, enjoy playing in the water. This is so much fun that aquatic sports have become very popular, with pets and people alike. Even the occasional cat breed can be easily persuaded to go for a swim.

Whether you decide to dive right in or find other ways to cool down, this issue will help you and your pet to stay healthy and refreshed, all the way through the end of summer.


Snake Bite!

What symptoms does a cat show after a Coral snake bite? Knowing them could save your cat's life.

Quench the Thirst

Can you tell the difference between a thirsty dog and a dog that is literally dying for a drink?

Dogs Held Hostage

Four pedigreed Aussie pooches are being held for ransom over soured business deals.


Portuguese Water Dog

This adventurous, family-friendly canine loves to frolic in and out of the water!

Canine Aqua Sports

Dogs make a splash in aquatically oriented sports and play. Which one would your dog be the best at?

Turkish Van

This unique cat hails from the rugged terrains of Turkey, where super hot summers led to the Van's love of swimming.


Water Safety

Accidental drownings occur every day. Learn how you can prevent it from happening to your pet.

Indoor Cats

Having an indoor only cat usually means fewer visits to the vet, but they still need preventative care.

Puppy Names

According to VPI Pet Insurance Company, the top ten dog names of 2010 are as follows...

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