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Issue 21 | 8/19/11

Pencils Down

Pencils down! The new school year is almost here and we've decided to make this issue all about pets and their role in learning. Our feature article highlights animal assisted literacy programs that encourage shy and reticent children to develop strong learning skills. We also bring you an inside look at animals in the classroom and which have domestic pet breeds are regularly at their top of their class when it comes to learning.


Salmonella Infection

From food poisoning to older age, at risk cats display different symptoms. Learn what to watch out for.

Choking Dog

Dogs will chew on almost anything. By learning the Heimlich maneuver, you could save their life.

Pet Thefts Up

Dog thefts are up by nearly 50 percent so far this year as compared to the same period a year ago.


Boston Terrier

This American canine breed is attentive and clever, making it a breed that likes to learn.

Classroom Pets

Want to teach young children about the joys of owning a pet? Here are some choices to steer clear of.


Characteristically known for being a hairless breed, this feline ranks among the smartest.


Vet Complications

It's something we can all relate to - things falling apart even when you work to the best of your ability.

Love My Gerbils

In a moment of family turmoil, Dr. Carroll agreed to a pet gerbil. What a great decision!

Puppy Parasites

Puppies tend to be loaded with little wormy passengers. Here are some of the more common culprits.

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