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Issue 22 | 8/26/11

Working Out with Pets Promote Long-Term Healthy Habits

One of the biggest challenges to finding optimum health isn’t just starting a regimen of good diet and exercise, it’s also consistently working at it. The same goes for your pets. If you and your pets are suffering the ill effects of poor health due to too much comfort food, then look no further than your pet for a fun workout buddy. In this week's issue we cover fitness from our pet's viewpoint -- from which are the fastest sprinters of their breed, to astonishing acts that are second nature to our animals. Also, learn how to keep them limber by reading up on bone injuries and ailments, and then try to keep up with them when they race past you!



A weakened immune system and bad reaction to antibiotics can trigger this painful affliction in dogs.

Broken Bones

Although nimble, cats can still sustain serious bone injuries. Be informed; quick treatment makes all the difference.

Cats Help Inmates

A Nebraska Sheriff has begun to enlist the services of cats to help with the process of inmate rehabilitation.



The fastest domestic breed also has a sweet and gentle disposition, making this canine a good choice for a house pet.

Amazing Feats

Our furry friends can perform incredible acts of agility and speed. Here are some of their other unique characteristics...

Egyptian Mau

Once worshiped as small gods, this ancient, good-natured breed has unique coat markings, and sprints at top speed.


Forgiving Vick

Dr. Khuly recently fielded some questions regarding Michael Vick and his transgressions. See if you agree with her answers.

Poisonous Foods

Keep your pets healthy and safe by learning about the top 10 kitchen foods that are poisonous to your dog or cat.

Puppy Training

One of the most important steps for proper puppy development is training. Here is one that's as easy as pie.

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