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Issue 23 | 9/2/11

Positive Reinforcement Cultivates a 'Good Dog' for Life

Housebreaking a new puppy? Don’t let your frustration (and lack of sleep) cause you to lash out. Dogs have feelings, too. Which is why this week's feature article is all about how to raise a happy pooch that behaves well out of appreciation and not fear. What you teach your puppy - or dog - now will affect her personality and behavior throughout her lifetime.

And if despite your best efforts your pet still behaves badly, our quick "Unruly Dog" resource guide can help you find the proper assistance. After all, a happy pet is a "good doggie."


Claw & Nail Disorders

Healthy claws are essential to a feline’s mobility. If your cat’s nails are diseased, it often indicates a serious condition.


From sprained muscles to brittle bones, dogs can hide their discomfort well. Learn how to spot this condition and get treatment early.

Facelifts for Pets

From facelifts to nose jobs to Neuticles, plastic surgery is on the rise for pets. You may be surprised to learn why that's a good thing.



This brave, affectionate and loyal dog was originally bred to hunt in the mountains of Japan.

Unruly Dog Resources

From trainers to do-it-yourself guides, this list provides helpful services for out-of-control dogs.

Havana Brown

A distinctive solid-brown coat and long face sets this handsome cat apart from the rest of the clowder.


Pot for Spot?

Are the benefits of using medical marijuana the same for animals as they are for humans?

Vaccine-Associated Sarcoma

Dr. Coates goes into more detail about one of the possible side effects of vaccination -- cancer.

Land Shark

Remember that old Saturday Night Live skit with the land shark? Does it remind you of your pup?

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