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Issue 24 | 9/9/11

Pet Dental Care is Too Important to Ignore

Smile! A clean mouth is just as important to the health of your pets as it is for the human members of your family. Unfortunately, many pet dental issues are due to our lack of discipline and misinformed ideas of proper oral hygiene.

In this week's issue we show you how to keep your pets’ teeth in good shape, both with prevention and with maintenance. Our feature article focuses on the basics of doggie dental problems, while our health section details whether some oral symptoms can be the result of your dog's teeth not growing normally. And because cats need dental health care too, our top ten slideshow is all about proper feline oral hygiene, and when a simple cleaning isn’t enough. So, let's keep all our pets' pearly whites glistening!


Abnormal Molars

Smaller breeds of dog are particularly prone to developing this oral condition due to their jaw size.

Wound Treatment

Cats tend to hide when they’re in pain or distress, so it’s good to know what to do in case of an injury.

Microchipping Law

If passed, a new California bill on the governor's desk could become "the first micro-chipping law in the nation."



This little dog is intelligent and easy to groom, making it a top choice as a house pet and a friend.

Healthy Teeth Tips

Keep your cats teeth healthy and strong by taking these ten simple measures.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Athletic yet patient, this cat also "sports" a lush double coat that can change with the seasons.


The Kitten I Didn’t Save...

Dr. Khuly can't save every animal. Here are some things she considers before treatment.

Doggone Similarities

What does your dog's breed say about you? See what Dr. Lee believes on the matter.

Land Shark

Remember that old Saturday Night Live skit with the land shark? Does it remind you of your pup?

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