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Issue 25 | 9/16/11

Cutting Through the Pet Insurance Red Tape

Most people first hear about pet insurance during a visit to the veterinarian’s office. The idea of getting coverage to cover your pet’s medical costs is worth considering, especially if you have a pet with a chronic illness. But where can you go for more information?

This week's feature article addresses whether or not you should purchase pet health insurance, and our top ten provides a handy reference for what to look for if you do decide to get that policy. And if after reading both of those you're still hungry for more information, check out our Pet Insurance Center.


Distemper in Cats

Kittens are especially susceptible to this highly infectious disease, which is related to the canine parvovirus.

Swallowing Poisons

Left untreated, accidental toxin ingestion can pose a serious health risk to your pet. Learn what symptoms to look for.

Ape to Quit Smoking

An orangutan that amused zoo visitors by smoking cigarette butts thrown into her cage is being forced to quit cold turkey.


Great Dane

This friendly, gentle giant is a real homebody, and gets along well with other four-footed companions.

Tips About Insurance

Our reference guide will help take some of the guesswork out of choosing the right health coverage for your pet.


This short-legged feline has a big personality, a big voice, and a charming mischievous streak.


New Addition

Fully Vetted’s newest blogger weighs in on why she became a vet, the toughest day of her career, and what made her join FV.

Drug Shortages

Did you know that vets are increasingly having problems getting the drugs they need to treat their patients?

How Much is Too Much

"What should I feed my dog?" is probably the most common question that veterinarians hear in practice.

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