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Issue 26 | 9/23/11

Control Your Pet's Cootie Infestations - Naturally and Effectively

In caring for our pets, many of us hold the common misconception that when the weather starts to cool down, the parasites that attack our pets slow down too. But you can't rely on the weather to give your pet relief. The most effective way to protect our pets against fleas, ticks, and other hard-to-control infestations is through prevention and (when necessary) administering pest control products.

This issue’s feature article concentrates on non-toxic, preemptive pest control methods that will keep your pet safe against these invaders. Our informative emergency section details the dangers of flea product poisoning, and our Top Ten provides a guideline on ways to stop your dog from being "pestered." Win the battle against pests - this and every season!


Distemper in Dogs

Puppies are particularly susceptible to contracting this highly contagious and severe illness. Know the symptoms.

Flea Control Poisoning

Flea infestations surge in early fall; overzealously using control methods may cause more harm than good for your cat.

Dog Meat Carnival Banned

A dog eating carnival in China has been banned after public outrage over the way animals are slaughtered.


Bichon Frisé

This small European canine breed has a vivacious personality, loves attention, and thrives indoors.

Shoo Flea

Find out what some of the most effective tips are on how to protect your canine from these pests, indoors and out.

Maine Coone

Rumors abound about this American feline’s native origins, but its friendly nature makes this large breed a household favorite.


Pet Warranty?

Detractors within the pet industry are crying foul over proposed legislation that would require them to offer a "warranty."

Avoiding HBC Trauma

I see a lot of trauma cases in the ER, but the most frequent is the hit-by-car, commonly known as the "HBC."

Guaranteed Analysis

Your veterinarian is a good source of information, but don’t overlook something that is even closer at hand.

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