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Issue 27 | 9/30/11

The Human Animal Bond for Differently Abled People and Pets

This issue delves into the world of handi-capable pets and the people who have gained a new lease on life because of them.

It is common knowledge that having pets in your life has the potential to make you happier. It has even been medically proven that the simple act of petting an animal lowers our heart rates and calms us down. If our pets provide such joy for us, imagine what they can do for people who deal with physical, emotional, or health-related obstacles?

Our feature article and supplemental sections, including the Top Ten Pet Assistants, provide inspirational reading on how being differently abled strengthens the human animal bond, for people and pets alike.


Chediak-Higashi Syndrome

This severe bleeding disorder affects White Tiger Persians and Persians with smoke-blue coats, and yellow-green eyes.

Loss of Balance in Dogs

A dog displaying an unsteady gait is no laughing matter; this acute condition requires immediate veterinary care.

Portraits of Disabled Pets

Photographers Carli Davidson and Melisa McDaniel have made it their mission to showcase the beauty in disabled pets.


Labrador Retriever

This canine’s gentle manner makes this breed the number one choice for assisting disabled people.

Top Ten Pet Assistants

When you think about animals helping people, no doubt the most prominent image is a guide dog. But there are many ways in which pets provide vital assistance.

American Shorthair

This feline loves physical affection, which is why this breed is a top choice as a therapy pet.


Till We Meet Again...

Welcome to my last Fully Vetted post. In the immortal words of Green Day, "For what it’s worth it was worth all the while."


As a veterinarian, Dr. Lee has seen too many cats succumb to the "trauma of outdoor living."

Multivitamin for Dogs?

There are some instances when dogs should receive supplements. Here are a few ...

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