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Issue 30 | 10/21/11

Conflicted About Fixing Your Pet? It Could Be the Best Decision You Make

When we decide to bring home a new pet, we invariably have to make the not so easy decision whether to spay or neuter. We worry about the procedure, and may feel guilty about whatever decision we’re inclined to make.

This issue’s feature article focuses on the topic of spaying or neutering your pet - the benefits and what to expect after the procedure is done. In our topics sections, you will find information on health issues that may be affecting your pet’s frequent or occasional indoor accidents, as well as tips on how to prevent accidents in the future. Whether your pet will live a long and healthy life depends on your attentive care.


Painful and Frequent Urination

Find out if a bladder problem is the cause of your house-trained dog’s frequent indoor accidents and grouchy temper.

Vomiting in Cats

Is it a hairball or is she losing her lunch? Know when your kitty’s emesis is a cause for concern, and when it’s not.

Cat Survives Euthanasia - Twice

A cat in Utah is now down to seven of its nine lives after surviving not one, but two failed attempts to euthanize it.


German Shorthaired Pointer

Intelligent and athletic, this short-coated breed has refined good looks and exceptional hunting skills.

Thinking Outside the Box

These ten easy guidelines provide pointers on how to prevent your feline from urinating outside of his cat box.

Savannah Cat

This unique and intelligent breed sports an exotic short coat and unique physique. She may look wild, but she loves her creature comforts, too!


Dog Trainer Sentenced

Current behavioral research shows that there is virtually no place for negative reinforcement when it comes to dog training.

Alcohol Poisoning in Dogs

Believe it or not, alcohol poisoning does occur in dogs, but thankfully, it’s usually from atypical sources.

Finicky Eater?

Once your vet has determined that your dog is finicky and not sick, there are a few things you can do to make sure she's getting all she needs.

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