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Issue 31 | 10/28/11

Time for Some Good Scary Fun!

Weredogs and devil kitties, Halloween ghosts and zombies! Dressing up is definitely part of what makes this holiday so special, and so is getting all that trick-or-treat candy. Fun is lurking just around the corner, and we want to help you celebrate with your pets.

This Halloween issue features tips on pet safety. After all, we want our furry familiars to be ready to scare up attention with their cute or scary costumes. In our topics section you'll find this year’s 10 best dog costumes, along with our featured conditions and breeds, and our always interesting and informative veterinary blogs. Happy prowling!


Taurine Deficiency

Keep your cat heart healthy by ensuring it gets enough of this vital amino acid in its diet.

Eye Injuries in Dogs

Left untreated, your dog's hurt eye can rapidly worsen to the detriment of its sight and health.

Killer Whales Migrate

A study has found that some killer whales wander nearly 6,200 miles to reach tropical waters -- but not to feed or breed.



It's no mystery: This long-eared canine is a master sleuth in tracking scents.

Best Pre-Fab Costumes

Before everyone grabs up all the good stuff, take a look at our favorite pre-fabricated costumes for dogs.


Forget candy. Anyone who has lived with this breed will tell you: "A chocolate Tiffany is better than any other cat."


Parvo in Adult Dogs

Why are veterinarians in Mesa County, Colorado finding an increase in cases of adult dogs suffering from parvovirus?

Top Halloween Tips

Halloween may be fun for people, but it can create stressful situations and present potential dangers to your pets.

Food Allergy Myths

Allergies are a common problem for dogs. Allergic reactions to food are possible, but diagnosing food allergies is not easy.

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