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Issue 32 | 11/04/11

From Prevention to Treatment, Early Detection is Crucial

We all want our pets to live long, happy lives, free from physical ailments and diseases. Unfortunately, like us, pets can get sick and can even develop a terminal illness like cancer. In fact, cancer in cats and dogs is much more common than you may have realized.

This issue is dedicated to answering questions and providing vital information about cancer and your pet. Our feature article, Taking the Fear Out of Pet Cancer, offers comprehensive information about exposure to toxins, warning signs and early detection. There are numerous types of cancers, but we have chosen to highlight one of the most common types that affect dogs in our Health section, and this week’s Top Ten slideshow focuses on signs that may be indicative of cancer; at the very least, they are signs that you should see your veterinarian.

Being informed is the first step toward survival.


Foot/Toe Cancer

This common type of tumor causes symptoms of swelling and limping, along with a sore on the foot or toe.

Difficulty Breathing

Your cat’s struggle may be the result of fluid, a foreign object, or a tumor. This condition is life threatening if left untreated.

Pets Go Pink

Breast cancer, commonly referred to as mammary gland cancer by vets, is the second highest cause of cancer in cats and dogs.


Old English Sheepdog

This shaggy coated bear of a dog is a devoted companion that prefers to stay indoors, entertaining the family.

Signs of Cancer

Recognizing the early symptoms of cancer, and getting immediate treatment, is one of the most important factors in healing your pet.


Don’t let its wild appearance fool you. This intelligent cat enjoys being social with people and with other pets.


Winter Heartworm Prevention

It may feel ridiculous to worry about mosquitoes when there is snow on the ground, but you really can’t be too vigilant.

Could Your Cat Get Cancer?

Preventing cancer for your feline friend may not be totally possible, but there may be some factors within your control.

Feeding the Orphaned Puppy

Puppies that are separated from their mothers at very young ages have special needs, and chief among these is adequate nutrition.

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