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Issue 33 | 11/11/11

Honoring our Non-Human Soldiers

This month, on November 11, Americans honor the brave men and women who have served in the military. When thinking about the soldiers who have courageously defended our freedoms, let’s not forget to honor the animals that have served in the armed forces as well.

We are proud to dedicate this issue to military animals. Our feature article, Band of Brothers: Military Dogs, highlights the canine breeds that are most commonly enlisted to aid our soldiers, and the vital functions they perform for our troops. Famous wartime cats are the topic for this week’s slideshow. And don’t forget to visit our breed, health and emergency sections for helpful advice on caring for your pet.

It’s Veterans Day - stand up and be purr-oud to be an American!


Breathing Problems

Flat-faced cats are prone to suffer from airway obstruction, and difficulty in catching their breath.

Swollen Paws

While not usually dangerous, swollen paws can be highly painful to dogs, and can get complicated if left untreated.

WWII’s Dogs for Defense

How did these dogs go from playing fetch to playing important roles in keeping "the land of the free" safe from harm?



The Boxer's intellect, devotion, and ability to be gentle with children and the disabled make this breed an ideal pet.

Cats of War

Yes, cats have served in the armed forces too. Here are some that performed above and beyond their daily service.


If you're looking for a sweet, mellow, and docile cat, the Persian will make for an ideal companion.


Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleanings

Even if these teeth cleaning clinics are legal, they have questionable value to the pets that partake in them.

Recognizing Heroes

The definition of veteran shouldn’t apply exclusively to humans. We can also use the term for animals that serve every day.

What are Pro- and Prebiotics?

Probiotic and prebiotic dog food supplements are all the rage; and for good reason.

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