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Issue 34 | 11/18/11

Pet Diagnosed With Diabetes? Don’t Go Into a Tailspin!

If a concerned run to the vet has yielded a diagnosis that your pet has diabetes, don’t panic. This week’s issue features the personal account of a caring individual who has successfully managed the chronic illness with several of her feline companions. Our health and blog sections, meanwhile, are dedicated to discerning the symptoms of diabetes, as well as how to vigilantly tend to your pet’s well being.

Diabetes is not a death sentence, but the earlier diabetes is managed, the better your pet's quality of life will be.


Diabetes in Dogs

Would you be able to recognize if your dog had an insulin imbalance? It could save his life.

Foods Toxic to Cats

Before you give in to those large eyes pleading for a treat from the table, know what to avoid.

K9s for Kids

The Diabetes Friendly Foundation is having a benefit to provide families in need with specially trained diabetes alert dogs.


Irish Setter

This canine’s distinctive, deep-red coat and handsome carriage is hard to ignore, especially among the well-heeled set.

Signs of Diabetes

Early detection makes all the difference in managing the quality of your pet’s life. Know what to watch out for.


Silky-coated, affectionate, and sociable, this feline tends to single out one person to bond strongly with.


"They Ate What?"

Every year Veterinary Practice News holds a contest showcasing the craziest things patients have swallowed.

Diabetes and Your Cat

Can cats get diabetes? Unfortunately, yes, they can. Let’s look more closely at the symptoms and causes of feline diabetes.

Finding the Right Trainer

Finding the right puppy class and the right trainer can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for.

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