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Issue 35 | 11/23/11

Holiday Feasts And The Hidden Dangers for Your Pets

With the arrival of the holiday season, many of us are looking forward to sharing quality time with our loved ones - including the furry ones.

But many of the foods served during holiday meals can pose a danger to our pets. That is why this issue is dedicated to some of the dangers of holiday dining. Our feature article, top ten list, and emergency sections discuss why some foods should be kept away from pets at all costs, as well as some of the healthy alternatives that we can feel safe sharing with our pets so they don’t feel left out.

Bon appétit, and happy, healthy holidays to you and your pets!


Diabetes in Cats

Is your cat out of sorts? Detecting and treating your cat’s insulin deficiency can help improve its quality of life.

Grape and Raisin Poisoning

Know your ingredients before sharing. A toxic reaction to ingesting these foods can prove fatal.

Jerky Associated with Illnesses

The FDA is continuing to caution dog owners about the potential danger in chicken jerky products imported from China.


Lhasa Apso

This companionable, long-haired lap dog may be small in size, but it has a commanding personality!

Tips for Safe Foods

Some foods are great for sharing, and some are off the table entirely. Be prepared when your pet comes begging.

Japanese Bobtail

This stocky, short-tailed feline is the model for good luck tokens in its native country.


Giving Thanks

At the risk of sounding sappy, there is an awful lot that is right with the world, starting with our pets.

Your Cat Will Thank You

Thanksgiving, for most of us, is a pleasant day. But for your cat, Thanksgiving can be a living nightmare.

Puppy Still Untrained?

House-training is pretty straightforward. So why do so many dogs end up on death row for peeing in the house?

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