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Issue 36 | 12/02/11

Purebreds to Mixed Breeds - Pet Companions for All Types

This week, in honor of National Mutt Day, we celebrate breeds of all kinds, from the purebreds you'll find in our dog and cat sections to hybrids, or "designer dogs." That is, pets that are the result of mixed ancestry. We are also sharing the top ten reasons for why we love mutts.

As our feature article points out, many of today’s recognized purebreds started out as hybrids for work purposes, but are now crossbred mainly for companionship. While purebreds may have a more lucrative status in the pet fancy sphere, all breeds can be faithful, loving, and loyal companions.


Aspirin Poisoning

Administering this medicine to your dog should be done only under the strict supervision of a veterinarian.

Electric Shock Injury

Curious cats and teething kittens can chew on a power cord and get hurt. Act quickly to prevent further harm.

Inspirational Tales is searching for pet lovers to share inspirational stories of how their pets beat the odds.



Recognized as a purebred in 1960, this shorthaired canine has a quick stride and love for human companionship.

Mutts are Awesome

The result of mixed lineage often means that mutts inherit all the best traits – from temperament to great health.

Scottish Fold

Awarded championship status in 1978, this docile feline comes by its "teddy bear" nickname honestly.


Genetic Testing for Mixed Breeds

Dr. Coates talks about whether or not mixed breed dogs are good candidates for genetic testing.

The Mutts of the Cat World

Non-purebred dogs of unknown genetics are known as mutts. Mixed breed cats go by a different name.

Your Pup's Genetic Destiny

Your mixed breed puppy's unknown genetic destiny may already be determined, but you can still manage it.

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