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Issue 37 | 12/09/11

Safe for the Holidays

With all the holiday hustle and bustle, have you thought about pet safety? This issue is dedicated to the "getting it all ready" preparation phase right before the peak of the holiday season. If you are planning to go out of town to celebrate, our feature article will help you get ready to pack up and take your pet along with you, while our health and emergency items provide information on how to keep your pet out of harm’s way if you decide to stay home for the holidays.

Stay safe, and enjoy the relative calm before the holidays!


Aspirin Poisoning

Giving your cat this analgesic pain reliever could cause a bigger headache when she becomes ill from it.

Electric Shock Injury

When setting up lights to decorate your home for the holidays, keep a close watch on your dog.

Dog Saves Kittens

Thanks to the heroic actions of a dog named Regan, two kittens were saved after being dumped on a street.


Afghan Hound

The unmistakable long-hair and graceful carriage of this canine has made it a preferred show dog.

Dangerous Decorations

Not sure which holiday decorations are pet-friendly, and which can harm your pet? This guide lists ten to avoid.


This long-haired cousin of the Russian Blue is shy, soft-spoken, easy going, and, would you believe? it glows.


Air Travel with Pets

Which is safer: travel by car or by plane? How to choose? Here are some sobering stats.

Poison in Your Purse!

Pet Poison Helpline just released their list of the "top 5 pet poisons" found in your house.

Special Need Breeds

If your puppy has a short face or corkscrew tail, you should be training her now to enjoy cleanings.

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