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Issue 38 | 12/16/11

To Give or Not to Give

There’s one gift you can usually count on that will make almost anyone smile, and that is the gift of a new pet. But once the excitement of receiving a new furry bundle of joy wears off, that person will have a lot of new responsibilities - responsibilities they may not be ready for. That is why this week’s feature story is dedicated to helping you decide whether giving someone a pet as a holiday gift is a good idea.

And we haven't forgotten our other wintertime holiday, Hanukkah. Our own Dr. Patrick Mahaney has created a top five list of safety tips just for the Hanukkah holiday.

In our topics section, you'll find this week's picks for health and breeds, as well as some of the more interesting news and blog topics we have covered in the last week. Finally, let petMD help you pick out that perfect gift for even the most finicky felines in our top ten slideshow, Gifts for Cats. It's the final countdown - are you ready?


Coughing in Dogs

If your dog has a chronic case of coughing, a veterinarian is your best bet for finding out the cause.

Poisonous Plants

Before you buy or accept a gift plant, find out which holiday plants can potentially harm your feline.

Keep Pets Safe Day

The first day of winter, December 22, is the launch of "National Keep Pets Safe in Winter Day."


Basset Hound

Named after the French word for "low," this canine has been long revered for its superior sense of smell.

Gifts for Cats

Since your cat can’t speak up to tell you what he wants this year for Christmas, we’ve compiled a list.


With a love for affection, it is said that this breed can sense the mood of its humans.


What Pets Want

What makes a good present for a pet? I think it's something that improves the quality of the animal’s life.

Top 5 Dog Gifts

Most canines will be similarly enthusiastic about nearly any offering, regardless of holiday or occasion.

Ewww ... Worms

At one time or another, your dog will get some type of parasite. For puppy owners, worms are a real concern.

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