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Issue 41 | 01/06/12

Three-Step Correction Method for Puppies

It’s the New Year, and some of us are fortunate to be enjoying it with a new, four-legged addition to our homes and families. Facing the challenges of New Year resolutions can be tough if the list includes training a new puppy, which is this issue’s feature article. Paired with our Top Ten slideshow, we hope you will find them to be quick and helpful guides on teaching discipline to your new dog.

Our health and emergency sections always contain helpful and healthful pet information, and this week’s dog and cat breeds have shaggy, groovy hair! Finally, don’t forget to visit our blogs section to catch up on the latest topics in the veterinary sphere.

Happy 2012, from all of us at petMD!


Hearing Loss

If your cat is unresponsive to your voice and to loud sounds, a hearing check may be in order.

Electric Shock

Dogs can come into contact with a live power source in various ways. Know how to take proper action.

U.K. Relaxes Quarantines

As of January 1, mandatory six month quarantines ended. Vaccinated pets from listed countries may now enter the U.K. freely.



A strong and silent type, this herding dog is known for its imposing appearance and friendly attitude.

Puppy Training Tips

Most dog owners would love a well-trained pooch. Here are 10 training tips to get you well on your way.


Don't let this rex breed's fancy, uptown coat deceive you, she remains true to her origins as a working farm cat.


Ban Behavior, Not Breed

Are breed bans sensible - or are they thoughtless methods for dealing with the problem of aggressive pets?

What Breed is Best?

While Dr. Lee is an advocate for adopting mutts, she realizes that purebred dogs have their appeal and purpose.

New Dog: Day One

Like many others, Dr. Radosta is spending the beginning of the New Year welcoming a new dog into her family.

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