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Issue 43 | 01/20/12

Chill Out and Enjoy Winter Fun with Your Pets

Are you and your pets cooped up in the house and feeling the winter blues? You don’t have to! In this week’s newsletter, we have some helpful tips on how to stay active with your pet during the seasonal cold spell.



The presence of higher-than-normal body temperature in dogs can indicate an infection or illness.


Outdoor cats are at higher risk of hypothermia. Learn how to recognize and properly treat cold overexposure.

Virtual March to Fight Rabies

On January 24, 100,000 virtual dogs will "march" across the Internet to deliver a message.


Estrela Mountain Dog

This large native of Portugal has a particularly strong will and instinct to protect its territory.

Winter Exercise

A little bit of daily exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle – for both your pet and you.

Norwegian Forest Cat

A lush coat that changes with the seasons makes this cat uniquely adapted to the cold.


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

If you come across an animal that you suspect might be suffering from frostbite, get it help asap.

Protect Cats from Cold

There are some things we can do to help keep cats warm and to survive the winter cold.

How to Stop Jumping

Most often, dogs are jumping for attention, but teaching pups not to jump is pretty simple.

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