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Issue 44 | 01/27/12

Stay Safe While Staying Healthy

Before you go outside with your pet to enjoy the winter weather, read this week's feature article to get tips on keeping your four-legged friends safe from dangers that might be hidden under the snow. Related topics in this issue include accidental poisoning and the top ten reasons why exercising outdoors with your pet is good for you.

From the latest pet related discussions in our blogs section to the most recent news, our sections strive to keep you informed on what's hot during the cold season.



Learning the different ways this alarming behavioral problem can present is the first step towards solving it.

Antifreeze Poisoning

Accidental ingestion can produce symptoms similar to drunkenness, and can prove fatal if not treated quickly.

Patrick's Story

Through the help of countless humane advocates and health providers, a Pit Bull named Patrick survived.



Its intelligence and cordialness towards other animals makes this terrier a preferred indoor companion.

Benefits of Walking

You may have overlooked how beneficial a daily walk can be for your pet’s health. Here are ten benefits.


This striking feline has good looks, high energy, a playful disposition and an independent streak.


The Cost of Care

There has been an increasing number of reports that even veterinarians are pushing back against higher fees.

Corporate Medicine

Most veterinarians don’t "like" corporate organizations owning veterinary clinics for several reasons.

An Embarrassing Problem

Generally, mounting doesn’t cause any harm to the dog or the recipient. But it is embarrassing.

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