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Issue 45 | 02/03/12

Which is the Right One? Take the Hassle Out of Choosing Pet Coverage

In both our feature article and in our handy interactive slideshow, this week's issue covers pet health insurance.From health and emergency topics to the hottest pet-related blogs to keeping you informed of the latest in pet news,petMD helps you to stay current on what's new and noteworthy.

Don’t wait until the fur starts flying!Read on for more...



Bringing a new cat into the home may provoke an overly protective response from the established cat.


Diabetic dogs are particularly vulnerable to this acute condition.

Phil Predicts Longer Winter

Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his burrow Thursday morning and delivered some bad news to Pennsylvania.



Created just for allergy sufferers, the Poodle-Retriever hybrid combines a friendly nature with a low-shed coat.

A Guide to Pet Insurance

Select the right health coverage for your pet by reviewing this slideshow before you commit.

American Curl

This feline’s uniquely shaped ears are only outshined by its warm, playful personality.



Doctors are often accused of using jargon to confuse or obfuscate, but acronyms have their place in medicine.

Resolve to Get Fit

Over half of America’s dogs and cats are malnourished (i.e., overfed) and, as a result, overweight.

Puppy Biting Hurts!

If you have a new puppy, you are very likely dealing with puppy mouthing.

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