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Issue 46 | 02/10/12

Be Kind, Valentine

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and love is in the air. But beware - the romantic gifts you bring to your sweetheart can seriously harm your pets. This week, our feature focuses on the bitter effects sweet gestures can have on cats and dogs.

Let's celebrate Cupid Day together by lavishing our four-legged darlings with love. After all, pets love affection, too!


Breeding Timing

Learn how to tell when your intact dog is at her peak time to conceive.

Swollen Paws

Left untreated, this ailment could cause permanent damage to your cat’s health.

Patrick's Story, Pt. 3

The story of Patrick and his will to survive comes to a conclusion with his tale of recovery.



This highly intelligent toy breed’s name means “butterfly” in French; a reference to its distinctive ears.

Dogs Rule, Boys Drool

If you really think about it, you'll agree that dogs are better than boyfriends – and here are ten reasons why!

York Chocolate

With its silky, usually dark brown coat and affectionate temperament, this feline is sweetness itself.


House Call Vets

What is an owner to do when a pet really despises going to the vet? How about trying a mobile vet.

A Safe Valentine's Day

Dr. Lee has gathered a list of the most common dangers to watch for on Valentine's Day.

Puppy Vaccinations

There is a lot of controversy nowadays about vaccinations. Here is some clarification on the matter...

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