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Issue 47 | 02/17/12

In The Business of Puppy Mills, Everyone Loses

The focus of this week’s newsletter feature article is breeding for profit – a business practice that is relatively unknown and kept deliberately under wraps. From an overview of backyard breeders to what is being done to curtail this heartbreaking aspect of the pet trade, being informed is the first step.

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Breeding Timing

Learn how to distinguish the signs of estrus in your fertile cat.

Swollen Paws

Your dog could develop a severe infection if an injury or ingrown nail is left untreated.

Meet the Breeds

Are you familiar with the six new breeds that were introduced at Westminster this year?



Popularly known as the "Mexican hairless dog," the Xolo belongs to one of the oldest of the dog breeds.

11 Years of Best In Show

Which canine breeds have been selected as top dog for the past eleven years? Read on to find out!

Russian Blue

Its enigmatic smile and love of human companions makes this blue coated angel a dream to live with.


A Pet's Worth

Pets would benefit from an enhanced legal status, but there are potential disadvantages to consider.

For the Love of Lambs

A lamb is just one of those things in the world that can make you smile no matter what.

Vaccine Controversies

Last week’s topic on the vaccination series for puppies brought up some more interesting questions.

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