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Issue 48 | 02/24/12

Toys and Snacks Are Not Enough To Keep Your Pet's Teeth Healthy

A winning smile is more than just pretty, it is also essential to your pet's well being. That's why this week, the focus is on dental health. Our feature article on pet dentistry - veterinarian written and approved - explores the medical treatments used to correct advanced tooth and gum decay. And then come back to peruse our sections, which include this week's top ten tips on home care for your pet's oral health.

From the latest pet-related discussions in our blogs to this week's highlighted breeds, petMD has you covered.


Molar Abnormalities

Due to the size of their jaws, smaller dogs tend to develop this ailment.

Rat Poison Ingestion

As natural mousers, cats can accidentally ingest this pesticide. Learn to spot the symptoms.

Notes from Westminster

Love was in the air as the pheromones flowed in Madison Square Garden.



Energetic, agile, and fleet-footed, this short-coated canine is a hit in its hunting class.

Tooth Brushing Tips

The sooner your pet gets used to having its teeth brushed, the healthier its life will be.


This vocal, social, and visually striking feline relies on regular human companionship.


Do Pets Love?

Do my cats love me? It brings to mind the quote, "Dogs have owners; cats have staff."

Breed Specific Care

Are show dogs encouraging the production of inferior copies of the "best" breeds?

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a very painful, inherited disease. Here is how we dealt with Sweetie's case.

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