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Issue 50 | 03/09/12

petMD Celebrates National Pet Sitter’s Week!

Every year the first week of March is a time of celebration for professional pet sitters, and petMD is sharing in the festivities by focusing this week's issue on — who else? — pet sitters! From tips on finding a qualified pet sitter to how to get your animal care career started, we're covering all the basics and then some.

petMD wishes sitters and pet parents alike a Happy National Pet Sitters week.


Tick Control

From detecting early signs to controlling an infestation, learn how to protect your dog from these bloodsuckers.

Excessive Sneezing

Cats can get sick, too, but not with your typical common cold. Left untreated this condition could prove fatal.

The Key to Advancement

The ability to share and learn from each other may be the key difference between people and chimpanzees.


Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Vocal, alert and full of tireless energy, the Cardigan is an amusing and devoted companion.

Tips for Novice Pet Sitters

Ever wish you could make a living caring for pets? If so, this interactive slideshow is just for you.

Scottish Fold

With its distinctive folded ears and easy temperament, this affectionate feline is a great domestic addition.


Feline Distemper

In this 2nd part, Dr. Coates focuses on what the virus that causes panleukopenia does to a cat’s body.

How Much?

This week, Dr. Tudor discusses how much food an overweight dog needs for lasting weight loss.

Car Safety

Dr. Radosta wonders why people find it acceptable to let their dogs hang out of car windows.

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