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Issue 51 | 03/16/12

Don't Let Your Pets Paw Through Your Purse

Everyone knows that St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in March, but did you know that it’s also the month in which National Poison Prevention Week is held? This week, we focus on both events, from our feature on pet poison prevention to our top ten Irish dog breeds to our special poison prevention column by Dr. Justine Lee.

Join us as we extend a happy St. Patrick’s Day to pets and pet parents alike. We wish a safe and happy holiday to all and hope that all of your days are healthy and poison free.


Acute Vomiting

From allergic reactions to toxin ingestion, learn how to tell if this condition is a serious health threat.

Poison Ingestion

If you suspect your dog has ingested poison, don’t delay in getting immediate medical attention.

Carnivores Lose Taste for Sweets

New findings suggest that diet has played a key role in the evolution of mammals.


Irish Water Spaniel

A fun-loving and spritely dog, this rare and unique Spaniel breed makes an excellent pet.

Irish Dog Breeds

The Emerald Isle has produced some of the most curious, independent, and enthusiastic dogs in the world.


This round, cuddly breed is a native of the Isle of Man, located between England and Ireland.


Tracking the Source

Dr. Coates is currently witnessing a neighborhood drama of scatological proportion.

Poison Prevention Tips

Dr. Lee shares some easy tips on how to pet-proof the house, room by room, in this two-part series.

Perfect Dog Syndrome

The idea that a dog of the same breed may not be as great as the previous dog is a tough one to get past.

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